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Twelfth Night
Audience Feedback and Gallery

"Slick, tight, 5 star performances. It deserved to be seen at the Globe."

"Spectacular, never a dull moment"

"A brilliant expression of Shakespeare that expressed it to the fullest!"

"What a joy tonight was! It was so entertaining, we were captivated and enthralled in the world these actors created. What a setting, what a cast. Bravo!"

"Magnificent. Each performer portrayed their character beautifully, being truthful to the Shakespearean text, fun and buffoonery. It moved very quickly and smoothly - no time for boredom! The venue and setting were also perfect."

"We were laughing out loud. Such a high standard show in every respect."

"An amazing night. We were privileged to watch the incredible cast. We loved it so much and laughed so hard! The atmosphere was like living in the setting of the story, especially in the beginning which sparked the feeling of the ship swaying. What a treat!"

"It was SO good. And properly funny."

"Committed, fresh, and great fun."

"Loved the show. Such fun and frivolity as Shakespeare intended!"

"We laughed so hard last night, what a hoot! Loved the atmosphere and the cast were exceptional."

"Brilliant performances, a magical night."

"First time seeing Shakespeare and it could have gone either way for us. It was brilliant! We are converted, thank you so much!"

"That was some next level physicality and performances all round. Loved the vibe of the setting too. Thank you for a wonderful show."

"We loved the show, thank you for bringing my 1986 school girl Shakespeare compulsory study to life. So much life in your version, it was just fabulous and both of my young adult kids loved it too."

"It was brilliant! Loved watching the bonus bats fly overhead and fireworks too!"

"Friday's visual diary: Just show up! Here you have it ... Viola being delivered up from the sea. Malvolio tricked? The comic Sir Andrew. Can you guess? Shakespeare's Twelfth Night on the Palm House lawns, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Such a joyous, laugh-out-loud play (that is if you get a chance to guffaw before the next witty line!) An outstanding cast from Shakespeare South Australia."

"Best experience of Shakespeare."

"I am studying to be a drama and English teach and how could I go past Twelfth Night? It was thrilling to see such a great production, an absolute success. I absolutely adored the production."

"Absolute joy of a show, with such depth. A must see."

Tony Lewis Photography
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Tony Lewis Photography_Shakespeare South Australia.jpg
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Natalia Petrenko Photography
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Natalia Petrenko Photography
Late Cut Media
Tony Lewis Photography
Tony Lewis Photography
Late Cut Media
Natalia Petrenko Photography
Natalia Petrenko Photography
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